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IT WAS fantastic to see the National Car Test (NCT) hierarchy or lower archry or whatever it calls itself getting a bloody nose from our people.

Bold as brass the NCT crew announced that it was no longer accepting cash from car owners for its services.

The cheek of it.

A shot of arrogance and ignorance was fired over the heads of motorists but thankfully people-power intervened and the bid to bash the cash was banged firmly on the head and is longer to be pursued.

It was a brilliant victory for democracy for the men and women of Ireland at all ages, a lesson perhaps that we should be alert to every move and motive of any body that comes under the umbrella of Government.

We should remember and so should NCD heads that it is the people of Ireland, specifically the drivers of vehicles big and small who pay the piper in this case answered a call to arms.

It is wonderful, apt too, that a spanner was thrown into the nasty works of the NCT and it was cornered into withdrawing its troops from the front line of battle.

Brave motorists stood up for themselves and fellow vehicle drivers sent the message to those who test cars to assure their road worthiness.

It was no contest after that. Pressure mounted, more and more car and larger vehicle owners joined a public protest that very quickly became a one-sided war in the trenches.

It was a significant win for those who really matter in our country and hopefully it will awaken thousands of others to the fact that a push from on high for a cashless society is a mere ploy to give Government control of our people.

We should regard this win as a mere pyrrhic victory. The real war is only starting. It is up to all of us to fight against any cashless world that would incarcerate us and, make no mistake about it the Governments of the world including our creepy band would gladly imprison us and throw away the key.

If the day comes that the people of Ireland succumb to a cashless society then that will be our Armageddon.

A minority of businesses are already flying a ‘no cash accepted here’.

There is a simple answer to that.

Shove your goods up where Jack stuck the Tuppence.

Meanwhile, for our very survival, our right to live by our rules, it is vital that we continue to keep Government under a microscope as we remind ourselves that Cash is King and for our sanity we must protect it.

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