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We Shine A Light On Esb Strike

by Jimmy Rhatigan

As a community-friendly website, Kilkenny Press is obliged to shine some light on why local ESB Technicians, along with their colleagues around the country, are on strike.
The strike began on Friday at 8am and continued until Saturday at 8am.
The Independent Workers’ Union (IWU) barney is with ESB Networks.
Supplied documentation comes with explanations, along with an apology from the union to anyone who may be negatively affected as a result of what the union calls ‘this enforced industrial action’.
We learn from the union that the dispute is not about money, but is, the union claims about the failure of their employer, to partake in any meaningful discussions in relation to the continued outsourcing of union members work to outside third party, described as the continued privatization of the ESB.
There is much more to add but perhaps all that can wait until a time when union reps and management sit around the same round table.
The union, we are told, is always willing to talk.
It seems it is now over to the ESB.

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